Scratched Drywall Repair
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Kim demonstrates how to quickly and easily repair scratches in your drywall.
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Kim here from The Handy Woman D I Y! Is your drywall scratched from a party that got a little out of hand? Or do your kids think they are the new picasso? On this episode we demystify the dread of drywall repair!

Damaged drywall is one of the most common repairs in the house, it doesn’t help that it’s lurking in every room of your house! But worry not, no matter what the repair is, it’s an easy fix perfect for any Handywoman to tackle.

Drywall is very easily scratched or dented, it can happen from anything. Even something as common as running a screwdriver along the wall with enough force will cause visible damage.

Luckily the fix is just as easy, all you need is a drywall trowel and a bucket of drywall compound. Crack open the compound, scoop a small amount onto your trowel and simply press it into the groove.

Gravity is your friend here, start at the bottom and you won’t have to worry about the compound falling off your trowel. For horizontal scratches, just angle the trowel 45 degrees and slide it along the gouge.

If there is any excess compound, it’s not wise to put it back into the bucket, because it may pick up foreign particles that will make things difficult in the future.

To ensure a smooth finish, just clean off the trowel and then gently run over the repair again.

And now, we wait!

It’s dry! Just grab a piece of fine sand paper and run it over the repair and it’s already for paint. Quick and simple, just think of drywall compound as the vanishing cream for your walls!