Replacing Baseboards
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Kim demonstrates how to replace baseboards. They may be damaged and in need of being replaced, or maybe it's time to update your room's style.
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Kim here from the Handy Woman D I Y! Is your cracked baseboard a splitting eyesore? Or maybe it’s time to bring that retro design into the modern era! On this episode, we beautify the bodacious baseboards!

Baseboards are very resilient, and usually only break when something heavy or sharp thumps against it.

But that resilience makes it a very easy DIY task for both repairing and updating!

To begin the process, slide a flat bar behind the board and gently separate it from the wall.

You want to move along the entire piece to ensure you remove it altogether, otherwise you risk damaging the wall!

Once removed, knock the nails out for safety.

Next get a new piece that is slightly bigger than the one you are replacing. That way you can install a near seamless transition.

To prep the new piece, you can measure the old one or you can place it on top of the new one and mark the length on both ends of the board.

Using the miter box find the angled groove that matches the piece from the wall. Then line up the mark with the saw and the miter box will ensure you make a perfect cut!

Repeat the process with the other side, and slide it back into position!

Using an electronic stud finder, locate the studs and hammer in some finishing nails to attach the board to the wall.

Once you can’t hit the nail anymore, use a nail punch to inset the head into the wood.

If you are redoing the entire room, just remove all of the existing baseboards and use the biggest possible pieces, they are a little bit harder to work with, but will give you a seamless look!

Once everything is installed, the baseboard can be painted to match any of your design needs!