Tool Bench: Latex Paint Clean Up
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Kim demonstrates how ensure that your paint brushes and rollers will always be ready for the next time you want to paint!
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Kim here from The Handy Woman D I Y! It’s time to paint again but your brush is hard and stiff! Does this happen every time you go to paint? On this episode we prevent the paint brush petrification.

Painting is a part of many DIY projects and after you are done painting it is important to clean your paint covered tools.

After using latex paint, cleaning your brush is easy and will help you save money.

Start by just rinsing off as much of the latex paint as you can.

Work the brush with your hand to push out more paint, if you find the paint irritates your skin, you can wear a pair of gloves.

To help remove more paint out of your brush, use some hand soap and work it into the brush.

Another tool that really helps to remove the paint is a comb.

A painters comb.

If there is some dried paint on your brush, you can gently use the flat side of the tool to help push it out.

Once all of the paint is out of the brush give it a shake or two. If you wring it out, or use a spinning tool, you will make the bristles fan out.

Just let it dry and then put it back in the sleeve.

When it comes to your roller, you will start by removing as much paint as you can from the roller sleeve.

Just use the curved part of your tool and run it down the sleeve draining it back into the tray.

You can use your hands, just be prepared to get messy because it still holds a lot of paint even after you’re done.

Once most of the paint is off, remove the sleeve from the cage.

Cleaning the cage is a snap just scrub it down and get as much paint off as possible.

Next, you need to wash the sleeve. Dunk it in a bucket of water, and using either the curved side of the comb or just wrap your hand around the sleeve and push the paint down off one end.

Now that you have all the paint out of the sleeve you just need to remove the water.

For this it is best to spin the sleeve with a spinning tool.

If you don’t have a spinner you can shake the water out and pat it down with a cloth rag.

Just remember to leave the sleeve standing on it’s end so it doesn’t become matted.

Once your brushes are clean, you can’t forget the rollers buddy. Simply wipe it down with a cloth removing all the paint and leave it to dry.

By looking after your paint brushes you will always have a brush the next time you’re ready to paint.