How To: Hammer
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Learn how to nail as Kim demonstrates how to properly and safely use a hammer!
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Kim here from The Handy Woman D I Y! Are your projects riddled with bent nails? Are our thumbs swollen from misplaced strikes? On this episode we halt the hazards of hammer handling!

Hammers have been around forever! and your thumbs have cringed ever since.

But worry not, with proper form and a little practice, your thumbs will laugh in the face of danger!

Hammers come in all shapes and forms. Each hammer has its own intended purpose for both construction and for destruction.

When starting out, you can do pretty much anything you’ll need with a claw hammer. Named for the menacing hooks on the back. This hammer will help you put nails in, and take them out.

Check the head of the hammer to make sure it isn’t loose, and grip the hammer at the base.

When you’re starting out, you can grab the hammer at the middle for a little more control, but don’t hold it at the top.

Take your nail in the other hand, holding it against the wood, you want to gently tap the nail to get it started.

If you are nervous about hitting your hand, a pair of needle nose pliers are your best friend.

You don’t need to swing hard, just let the weight of the hammer get it started.

Once it stands freely on its own, you can move your hand away from the nail.

The trick to getting the nails in straight, is to make sure that the hammer hits flat.

To do that, you want to place the hammer exactly how you want it to hit. Then while you keep your eye on the head of the nail, you want to bend your elbow and shoulder back.

You don’t want to bend your wrist, all the force comes from your arm.

In a single motion, you want to bring the hammer down on top of the nail.

Make sure you keep your eye on the head of the nail, if you look away, it will move!

It’s not a race, let the hammer do most of the work and practice makes perfect.