Hanging a Picture
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Kim demonstrates how to hang a picture on your wall! The perfect task for a DIY beginner!
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Are your walls bland and empty? Or maybe it’s time to add some character to your room! On this episode, we properly position a picture!

Hanging pictures on your walls is perfect for anyone new to DIY work, because your walls are a blank canvas for this simple task.

For this you will need a pencil and tape measure, a hammer, a 2” finishing nail, and a picture.

For small and medium sized pictures, just place it against the wall.

You’re looking for the place where the picture feels right.

Just move it left and right, up and down, when it’s in the right place, you’ll know.

Then, take the pencil and lightly mark the center of the frame on the wall.

To get the right height, just hang your picture on the tape measure!

The top of the frame will mark how far you need to place your nail.

Taking the nail, place it on your mark, and put it into the wall at a 45 degree angle.

Just make sure you leave enough out to cradle the string on the frame.

Now that your picture is hanging from the wall, you just need to slide it along the string until it looks level.

You can use a level to measure it, but sometimes a perfectly level picture doesn’t look level so it’s best to do it by eye.

Just remember, if you are hanging a large or heavy picture, you will need to find a stud using a stud finder for added strength.

Once your picture is hanging, you can design your picture wall any way your creative mind takes you!