Cracked Concrete
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Kim demonstrates how to repair cracked rotting concrete, to help fix damp and dusky basements.
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Kim here from The Handy Woman D I Y! Does your basement have a dusky damp feel to it? Is the concrete falling apart in front of your eyes? On this episode we reinforce the rigidity of rotting concrete!

If your basement is feeling a little bit damp, you may need to get some water proofing done. A damp basement can lead to all sorts of costly problems.

Luckily, parging is a cost effective task that can save you, and your sinking basement, from going under.

A damp basement is is caused when the concrete walls start to fall apart! Filling those grungy gaps will making your house look and feel a whole lot better.

This is a task any handywoman can tackle, all you need is a little bit of knowledge and the willingness to get a little dirty.

It’s important to inspect the damaged area for holes in the wall, any concrete that’s falling off, or even if there are any bricks under the ground? Any one of these can be a cause of your problems.

Dig up some of the earth around the problem area, there could be damage below the surface! you’ll need to go about 8” down, if your house has waterproofing, that’s a good indicator.

Now, its time to clean... with a hammer! You want to knock off any big pieces of concrete that look like they are about to fall off.

Use a wire brush to clear off any of the stubborn small stuff. Finally, to remove all the remaining dust and dirt... spray it down with water.

Now it's time to seal the crack, with parging! Parging mixes are never the same, so it’s important to find the mixing instructions on the bag.

Remember, safety first! For this we’ll need dust masks and gloves.

Using a trowel, mix the parging until you it turns into a peanut buttery consistency. If it’s too thin it will run, it it’s too thick it won’t spread.

Once it’s fully mixed, slap it on the wall over your crack. Using your trowel to push it into the crack, starting at the bottom and working up. Let your inner child out, really get it in there.

Once the crack is filled, spread out any bumps or clumps on the wall, and allow it to dry out a bit.

Using a damp sponge, gently rub the parged area to remove any remaining imperfections.

If you want a smoother finish, mix some parging that is soupier and use a wet trowel to apply a thin coat.

All you have to do now, is let it dry, and then fill in the hole you dug!