Tool Bench: Cordless Drill
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Kim introduces us to power tools by demonstrating how to properly and safely use a cordless drill!
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Kim here from The Handy Woman D I Y! Are you struggling to get the screws to sit nicely in the wall? Or maybe the thought of holding a power tool is scary. On this episode, we prepare to perfect the power drill!

Power tools can make any job a lot faster, but if you don’t understand how to use them, they can be a little daunting.

A drill has three parts, the drill, the battery, and some bits.

To begin, slide the battery into the base of the drill, and find the bit that matches the screw.

Spin the chuck so that the opening between the teeth is a little bit wider than the bit.

Slide the bit between the teeth and firmly grab the chuck.

Set your direction to forward, and gently pull the trigger until the bit is nice and snug.

Now, we’re ready to put some power to the screw.

Place the screw into the bit, and gently push it into the surface.

Pull the trigger slowly to get it started, making sure you align the bit with the screw.

If you don’t keep the drill straight, it will jump out of the screw.

That nasty sound lets you know that it’s destroying both the screw and the bit.

Once you’re lined up, put some pressure on the back of the drill, and let it fly!

You want to drive it in until the head of the screw goes below the surface.

If it’s making a grinding noise but isn’t spinning, you need to increase the torque to help it power through.

Sometimes the screw starts to go on an angle, don’t worry, just set the drill in reverse and start it again.

Just be careful, when you pull a screw out, it can get really hot.

If you need to change the bit, set the drill in reverse, firmly grab the chuck and gently pull the trigger.

With practice, you’ll be a regular drilling machine!